Open House | Dionysus versus Pentheus, with Robert Garland

We were excited to welcome Robert Garland for an Open House entitled “Dionysus versus Pentheus.” The event took place on Friday, September 8 at 11:00 a.m. EDT and was recorded.

To get ready for the event, you might like to read Bacchae and think about the questions Garland is posing:

Questions for Bacchae

You can watch the recording down below or on the Kosmos Society YouTube channel

Robert Garland

Face of Robert GarlandRobert Garland is the Roy D. and Margaret B. Wooster Emeritus Professor of the Classics at Colgate University. He received his B.A. in Classics from the University of Manchester, where he graduated with first class honors. He obtained his M.A. in Classics from McMaster University and his Ph.D. in Ancient History from University College London. He was the recipient of the George Grote Prize in Ancient History, a Fulbright Scholar, and Junior Fellow at the Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, DC. He was also the Benjamin Meaker Visiting Distinguished Professor at the University of Bristol and Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. In addition to his 34 years teaching Classics at Colgate University, he taught English and Drama to secondary school students. Before beginning his Ph.D., he trained professionally as an actor. His research focuses on the social, religious, political, and cultural history of both Greece and Rome. He has written 19 books, both scholarly and for the general reader, and published numerous articles in academic and popular journals. His latest books are Greek Mythology: Gods and Heroes Brought to Life (Pen & Sword 2020) and Roman Legends Brought to Life (Pen & Sword 2022), both of which he illustrated. He considers his most important contribution to his subject to have been to identify categories of people who have been generally overlooked in conventional accounts of ancient history, including the disabled, refugees, and the elderly. He has recorded six courses for the Great Courses aka Wondrium, the latest being ‘God against the Gods.’ He is currently writing a book entitled ‘What to Expect When You Die: A Beginner’s Guide.’ He lives in Brooklyn and is a practicing artist and a cyclist. He has a son and a daughter.