Open House | Recall Strategies in the Iliad, with Lynn Kozak

For the first Open House discussion of Fall 2019, we were delighted to welcome Lynn Kozak, McGill University, to discuss ‘Recall Strategies in the Iliad‘. The event took place on Thursday, September 12, at 11 a.m. EDT and was recorded.

In connection with this discussion, you might like to read Iliad 16; Iliad 22

You can watch it on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below.

Lynn Kozak

Lynn Kozak has published on the Iliad, Thucydides, and Greek tragedy, and has broader interests in Plato, the Second Sophistic, the reception and production of Greek performance texts, modern comparative texts, and critical theories. Current research focuses on serial poetics in ancient epic and in contemporary North American television, building on their monograph on this subject, Experiencing Hektor: Character in the Iliad, released in 2016 with Bloomsbury Academic. Recent publications (2018–19) include the co-edited volume The Classics in Modernist Translation with Miranda Hickman, and articles on H.D.’s translations of Greek tragic choruses (with Miranda Hickman), and Homeric fandom in Greek tragedy. Forthcoming articles and book chapters focus on recall strategies in serial narratives, including the Iliad and Stranger Things (Netflix), characterisation in iZombie (The CW), genre hybridity in supernatural police procedurals, and the politics of FOX’s The Exorcist.

From January–August 2018, Kozak translated and performed the whole Iliad in weekly serial instalments, as part of an FRQSC-funded project “Previously On…The Iliad”; all performances are available to view on YouTube. They will be performing a version of the Apologoi from the Odyssey as part of the 2019 Festival Interculturel du Conte.