Introduction to Homeric Greek: Volume 1

This Introduction to Homeric Greek series was created by members of the Kosmos Society (then called Hour 25) Community in coordination with Professor Graeme Bird as a community-generated, open access educational resource. The series is designed as a gentle introduction for absolute beginners.

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This volume comprises the following videos (you can click the link to jump down to the relevant part of the page):

1§1 The Alphabet
1§2 Diphthongs
1§3 More on κ, χ, ξ, ρ
1§4 First Declension Noun βίη
1§5 First Declension Noun γαῖα
1§6 Nominal Sentences
1§7 First Declension Nouns in Iliad 1, Lines 1–7
1§8 More on Iliad 1, Lines 1–3
1§9 First look at Odyssey 1, Lines 1–9
1§10 First Prepositions & Conjunctions
1§11 Preview Dual
1§12 Present Indicative of ‘To Be’ εἰμί
1§13 Imperfect Indicative of ‘To Be’
1§14 Preview Verbal Tense and Aspect
1§15 ἔστιν, ‘There is…’ & εἰμί plus dative possessor
1§16 Practice Reading Core Vocabulary

1§1 The Alphabet

PDF Handout: Alphabet with Core Vocab words

1§2 Diphthongs

1§3 More on κ, χ, ξ, ρ

1§4 First Declension Noun βίη

1§5 First Declension Noun γαῖα

1§6 Nominal Sentences

1§7 First Declension Nouns in Iliad 1, Lines 1–7

PDF Handout: Iliad I, 1–7

1§8 More on Iliad 1, Lines 1–3

1§9 First look at Odyssey 1, Lines 1–9

PDF Handout: Odyssey i, 1–9

1§10 First Prepositions & Conjunctions

1§11 Preview Dual

1§12 Present Indicative of ‘To Be’ εἰμί

1§13 Imperfect Indicative of ‘To Be’

1§14 Preview Verbal Tense and Aspect

1§15 ἔστιν, ‘There is…’ & εἰμί plus dative possessor

1§16 Practice Reading Core Vocabulary

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