Current Book Club Selection: Aristophanes’ Clouds

Clouds Wordcloud 1
The Book Club of Hour 25 will be opening with Aristophanes’ Clouds. Cedric H. Whitman in his book Aristophanes and the Comic Hero (Harvard University Press 1964) describes Clouds as:

“… a  serious work that is almost universally accepted as a manifesto of Aristophanes’ educational beliefs, his hatred of sophistic teaching, and his belief in the old, conservative way…”
Chapter IV-p 119

The play is available online on the following links. (subscription required)

Look for invitations to discuss this text via Google Hangouts, live chats on Hour 25, and in our Discussion Forums from January 28–31 and February 5–8. The final dates and times of events will be determined based on the attendance preferences and time zones of the participants. Please post your availability and your time zone in the associated thread in the Book Club Forum.

Happy Readings!

Janet Mayragul Ozsolak