Open House | Rhapsodes, Kitharôidia, and Performance in Ancient Greece, with Timothy Power

We were pleased to welcome Timothy Power (Rutgers University) for an Open House discussion on ‘Rhapsodes, Kitharôidia, and Performance in Ancient Greece’.

For additional reading associated with this event, you might like to read the Introduction and Chapter 1 of Timothy Power’s book The Culture of Kitharôidia, available for free online.

You can watch the event on our YouTube channel, or below.

Members can start and continue discussion in this forum thread.

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Timothy Power

Tim PowerTimothy Power is Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at Rutgers University. His research interests include Greek lyric poetry and performance, Athenian drama, music and meter. He had a Fellowship at the Center for Hellenic Studies 2006–7. Publications include The Culture of Kitharôidia; “Cyberchorus: Pindar’s Keledones and the aura of the artificial,” in Archaic and Classical Choral Song, L. Athanassaki and E. Bowie, eds.; “Kyklôps Kitharôidos: Dithyramb and Kitharôidia in Play,” in Song Culture and Social Change: The Contexts of Dithyramb, B. Kowalzig and P. Wilson, eds.; “Ion of Chios and the Politics of Polychordia,” in The World of Ion of Chios, V. Jennings and A. Katsaros, eds.; “Cleisthenes and the Politics of Kitharôidia at Delphi and in Sicyon,” Aevum Antiquum, 4 (2004), 415-437; “The Parthenoi of Bacchylides 13,” HSCP 100 (2001) 67-81.

Image credit

Apolllo holding kitharaMarie-Lan Nguyen (photo), Creative Commons (CC BY 2.5): Attributed to the Black Fury Painter: Apollo Holding a Kithara c400–300 BCE, Metropolitan Museum of Art