Book Club | Winter–Spring 2022

Wordcloud in shape of a book

We’ve had some great discussions in the Book Club over the past year, both on Zoom and in the Forum. As always, it’s been a voyage of discovery, enriched and enlivened by comparing thoughts and ideas!

Due to the holiday season there will be no Book Club selection for December, but here is a preview of what is coming up in the first part of 2022.

  • January: Pausanias Description of Greece Book 1
  • February: Symposium of Plato
  • March: Homeric Hymns to Apollo and Hermes
  • April: Symposium of Xenophon
  • May: Pliny the Elder: Natural Histories Chapter 21: The Nature of Flowers and Garlands
  • June: Bring your own—back by popular demand!

Look out for further details, including links to free online editions, at the beginning of each month in question.