Book Club | Preview of 2024

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As usual, there will be no Book Club meeting in December, to allow for the holiday season. But here is a preview of what will be coming up in the new year. In keeping with the expansive ideals of Kosmos Society where we have read works from related languages and societies, we will be reading primary sources not only from the ancient Greek world, but also from other premodern cultures, so that we can make comparisons to enhance our understanding of a wide variety of texts and ideas.

Our selections for 2024 will include different genres such as:

  • Philosophy
  • Tragedy
  • Comedy
  • Mythology
  • Poetry
  • Satire
  • History

drawing on ancient and classical Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Sumerian sources.

January: Myths of Kur
February: Greek Bucolic Poets
March: A Greek tragedy—vote in the Forum for which one!
April: Juvenal Satires
May: Heron of Byzantium Siegecraft
June: Bring Your Own
July: Ovid Metamorphoses Books 3 & 4
August: Ovid Metamorphoses Books 5 & 6
September: Plato Meno
October: Lucian Alexander the False Prophet
November: Aristophanes Peace

Further details will be announced at the beginning of each month, with links to free online translations; discussion will start and continue in the Forum, and we will meet via Zoom on the last Tuesday of the month.

Happy holidays, and happy readings!