Open House | mūthos, Mythology, and the Language of Heroes, with Richard P. Martin

We were pleased to welcome Professor Richard P. Martin (Stanford University) for an Open House Discussion with members of the community about mūthos, mythology, and the language of heroes. You can view the recording in the frame below, or on our YouTube channel. For more information about Professor Martin and his research, visit his faculty profile on the Stanford Classics Department website. Here is a PDF copy of the four… Read more

Herakles’ Ambivalence in Euripidean Tragedy: the Age of the Heroes, the Age of Humanity

~ A bilingual English-Portuguese guest post by Renan Falcheti Peixoto ~ Chorus antistrophe “If the gods were wise and understood men                                                  655 they would bring a second youth, as a visible mark on those who display excellence [aretē], and dying, would come                                              660 back to the light of the sun again to run a… Read more

‘Beyond Translation’: Ancient Greek as an Inflected Language, with Graeme Bird

Go Beyond Reading a Translation Our Beyond Translation Module is designed to introduce the basic tools and skills necessary to explore an ancient Greek text or word on Perseus. Key Concept: Ancient Greek as an Inflected Language We are pleased to share this video, in which Professor Graeme D. Bird (Gordon College) explains how ancient Greek uses inflection rather than word order to convey information. You may download a transcript… Read more

Oral Poetics: The Epic Cycle, and the Metaphor of the Chariot Wheel

In this video clip, Professor Gregory Nagy discusses the epic cycle, as a body of oral poetry, and helps us to understand how the ancient Greeks viewed their tradition of composition in performance through the metaphor of the chariot wheel, the κύκλος [kuklos, ‘circle, cycle, chariot wheel’]. You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in the frame below References: Albert B. Lord: Singer of Tales Gregory Nagy: Homeric Questions… Read more

Open House | Homeric poetry, multitextuality, and jazz, with Graeme Bird

We were pleased to welcome Professor Graeme D. Bird (Gordon College) for a special Open House Discussion. Professor Bird, who is both a classicist and jazz musician, joined members of the community for a discussion about Homeric poetry, multitextuality, and jazz. For a general introduction to Bird and his work, read “Homeric Variations: Interview with Classicist and Jazz Musician Graeme Bird”. You can watch on our YouTube channel, or in… Read more