A new beginning for Kosmos

Galanthus nivalis, a flower that blooms in January and is native to Greece and the surrounding region.

The Kosmos Society’s sponsoring institution, the Harvard University Center for Hellenic Studies, will be phasing out its support during the next two months such that by October 1, 2023, Kosmos will be fully independent of the Center. In practical terms, what this means is that you should watch this space for further information about our new website location and social media accounts, which will be shared in the next several weeks when everything is ready. Kosmos events and functions will continue at a slower pace for now and, later, on a purely volunteer basis. Though the website URL will change starting October 1, all of the content will remain available; you will be able to log into the forums with the same username and password as you use now. If you would like to contribute in some way to our re-organizing efforts, which are just beginning, please send a message to kosmos.helpdesk@gmail.com and mention your areas of interest and expertise.

We would like to thank the Center for its support over the years, starting in 2014, without which Kosmos could not have experienced its many successes. We plan to use our tenth anniversary in January 2024 to celebrate these successes and to look forward to those yet to come.

Image credit

Galanthus nivalia appena sbocciati.
Photo: Andrea Bonifazi, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0), via Wikimedia Commons