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Beyond Translation: Using Perseus under PhiloLogic, for Word Studies

Here at Kosmos Society we have been continuing our exploration of the digital tools available that help us to carry out word searches and word studies. Most recently we have been using some of the features in Perseus under PhiloLogic. This is a set of search functions that take advantage of corpus linguistics research methods applied to a body of texts on Perseus. These video demonstrations and the associated Quick… Read more

Beyond Translation: Using Chicago Homer for Word Studies

~ A Quick Guide to Chicago Homer for Word Studies, with Illustrated Worked Examples ~ During their research, the Oinops Study Group made use of the Chicago Homer for some aspects of their research, and the Word Study Learning Group have been exploring further the types of searches and comparisons that can be made using this online resource. These community-generated videos walk through these techniques, and the PDF files provide a… Read more

Searching for Oinops

~ A guest post by Jenna Cole and the Oinops Study Group ~ I can remember when I first became intrigued by the Greek word oinops, at the very end of the first offering of HeroesX. In Hour 24 of the Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours (H24H), the Homeric Hymn (7) to Dionysus was given as Hour 24 Text C, which begins as follows: |1 About Dionysus son of most… Read more

Beyond Translation: Investigating Greek words

~A Quick Guide to Perseus with Illustrated Worked Examples~ If you want to understand a little more about how everything fits together in the Greek texts, or what the original really says, you can investigate individual words for yourself, to find out about their range of meanings and where they are used in context. These PDF files provide a quick reference to investigating Greek words using the tools in the… Read more