sacred journey

Gallery: On the Nature of Journeys

~A Guest Post by The Oinops Study Group~ And such is the nature of journeys that when one ends another begins. Before the Oinops Study Group moves on to another adventure, we would like to share with you this gallery of our journey together, and this last posting of our shared thoughts. One of Jenna’s favorite quotes. Sarah’s favorite quote Janet’s favorite quote Linear B “oinops” A second favorite quote for… Read more

The theōriā and the Ship of Theseus

~ A guest post by Rien ~ During our study at HeroesX, I was thrilled by the Hour 23 discussion about the sacred journey [theōriā], the never ending objective of Socrates to enter into dialogue with anyone he encounters. The first text is from the beginning of Plato’s Phaedo, as taken from the Hour 23 of The Ancient Greek Hero in 24 Hours: Phaedo It was a matter of chance… Read more