Bronze Age

Thera: the island with many names

The year 2020 may not be the best time to travel with the pandemic. And yet, who does not want to discover the islands of the Aegean Sea? I offer you a safe and virtual journey through time to an island with many names and a tumultuous past. The name by which this magical place is often mentioned in ancient Greek literature is Thera. Pindar, who takes so many ancient… Read more

Open House | Late Bronze Age burials at Mycenae and what they tell us, with Heleni Palaiologou

We were pleased to welcome Heleni Palaiologou, an archaeologist, retired from the Ministry of Culture of Greece, for a discussion about burials from the late Bronze Age at Mycenae, and what they tell us. The event took place on Thursday, November 29, at 11 a.m. EST, and was recorded. In preparation you might like to read the description of Mycenae in Pausanias 2.16.1–2.16.7. You can watch the event on our… Read more

Open House | The Iliad and the Greek Bronze Age, with Casey Dué

We were pleased to welcome Casey Dué for the first in our series of Open House sessions for fall 2015, in which we discussed the Iliad and the Greek Bronze Age. She introduces the topic as follows: How old is the Iliad? The Trojan War has traditionally been dated since antiquity to about 1250 BCE, and the Iliad is usually dated five hundred years or more after that, but there… Read more