Core Vocab: aretē

The Core Vocab word this time is aretē [ἀρετή] which Professor Nagy translates as ‘striving for a noble goal, for high ideals; noble goal, high ideals’[1]. There are several passages in the Sourcebook[2] where we can find this word; for example, during the Embassy scene Phoenix says: “Now, therefore, I say battle with your pride and beat it; cherish not your anger for ever; the might [aretē] and majesty [timē]… Read more

Open House | Divine Plans and Poetic Narrative: part 2, with Justin Arft and Guests

We were delighted to welcome back Justin Arft (University of Missouri), and Efimia D. Karakantza (University of Patras, Greece), to continue the conversation started last week in Within the Kyklos ‘Whose Plan is This?’, Divine Plans and Poetic Narrative in the Iliad and Odyssey ‘. The discussion focused on the narrative plan of the Odyssey, with particular attention to the Phaeacians, and included the relationship between the poetic tradition, multiformity, and the reception… Read more

Open House | ‘Whose Plan is This?’ with Efimia D Karakantza & Justin Arft

We were pleased to welcome Efimia D. Karakantza (University of Patras, Greece), and Justin Arft (University of Missouri) for an Open House discussion: ‘Within the Kyklos: Whose plan is this? Divine plans and poetic narrative in the Iliad and Odyssey’. This open discussion took place within the Kyklos, the intergenerational project of the CHS focusing on the Greek Epic Cycle and its interface with other genres, namely the Homeric Epics.… Read more